Gridmaster: CAP Search Grids

Use this area to download Google Earth overlays, complete gridded sectionals, Garmin 695 flight plan packages, and other information.

Find a Grid

Use this section if you have Lon/Lat coordinates and need to find the associated grid.

We'll find the grid, then provide the grid corners, below.

Find Grid Corners

Select a sectional and a grid identifier.

The grid's average magnetic variation is calculated from the current NOAA model and adjusted for yearly drift.

It may not agree with the isogonic lines printed on aeronautical charts.

Gridmaster developed by Capt Charles Jackson

This section shows a satellite map layered over a terrain map.

Use the slider to adjust the transparency of the layers.

You may also download an overlay to use with Google Earth.

This overlay is compatible with the Sectional and Terminal Chart overlays.

Click the Print button (above) to print the Google Map and grid coordinates on one page.